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The Center of Math was established to strengthen the math community by providing free and affordable resources for all. Focused solely on math, the Center is more than a company - it's a community. Welcome!


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The Worldwide Center of Mathematics (WCoM) was founded in 2008 by Dr. David B. Massey — a career mathematician and educator of more than 30 years. Its mission: To engage and nurture the local and global mathematics communities. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and focused solely on mathematics, the Center of Math publishes research and other academic resources. Leveraging today’s technology, the Center of Math produces primarily digital resources, including textbooks, videos, research and more.


Quickly, the Center of Math began publishing high-quality, low-cost textbooks, recognizing a severe disservice within the academic textbook market. Committed to affordability and accessibility, our first digital textbooks — the Worldwide Calculus series — set a new standard for quality and value. Center of Math Textbooks now include titles in algebra, calculus, statistics, and more. Working with accomplished authors and world-class partners to deliver the features today’s educators and students have come to expect, we use technology to keep costs low and provide an unprecedented value. True to the mission, free faculty review copies are available upon request and students may skip the markup at the bookstore and buy direct at the Center of Math Store. Want to publish with the Center of Math? Contact us

Center of Math Videos are produced in the Studio Classroom, a functional, professionally equipped studio classroom and workspace. We welcome local mathematicians to use the space and it’s there we produce lecture and solution videos associated with Worldwide Textbooks, found in each section supplementing the text and exercises. The Center of Math YouTube Channel is home to hundreds of hours of various math-related instruction, lecture, solution, research, test-prep, and entertainment videos. With more than 800,000 views and 8,000 subscribers, the WCoM is an official YouTube Education Partner.

Research at the Center includes the Worldwide Lecture Seminar Series which welcomes world-class research mathematicians to come, collaborate and share their work. Each seminar is digitally produced and made available free to the public. Additionally, the Center publishes the online, refereed Journal of Singularities which is an open-source publication. Want to present at the Center of Math? Contact us.

For orders of 10 or more print textbooks, please contact WCoM Sales at info@centerofmath.org for more information. For digital orders and print orders fewer than 10, you may use any major credit card or PayPal at our Store.

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Who we are

D Massey

David Massey: Founder, Director & Author
David is an award-winning faculty member at Northeastern University. He has published 32 research papers, and two research-level books. In addition, he was a chapter author of the national award-winning book on teaching: "Dear Jonas: What can I say?, Chalk Talk: E-advice from Jonas Chalk, Legendary College Teacher", edited by D. Qualters and M. Diamond, New Forums Press, (2004).
For more information visit http://www.massey.math.neu.edu/ .



Adam Zelenka: Director of Operations
Adam received his bachelor's degree in marketing and business administration from the University of New Hampshire. A New England native, he has experience working with companies young, old, large and small. He enjoys spending time traveling, networking, and caring for his dog, Bonkers.



Ruairi Collins: Director of Technology
In 2001, Ruairi graduated from the University of Limerick, Ireland with a masters degree in interactive media. He has extensive experience in the areas of multimedia design and interactive advertising as well as video production. He has previously worked in Ireland, Germany & Australia before settling in Cambridge, MA.


Each year, the Center of Math hires four to six Northeastern University students through the Cooperative Education Program. Want to work for the Center of Math? Tell us why



Allen Altman: A Term of Commutative Algebra

Dr. Allen Altman has taught at the University of California at San Diego; the
Universidad Simón Bolívar in Caracas, Venezuela, where he helped to establish the mathematics program; MIT; the University of Oslo (Norway); the University of Pernambuco (Brazil); and the Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). He has been awarded Fulbright, National Science Foundation, and Woodrow Wilson fellowships. Dr. Altman's publications include regular contributions to Mathematical Reviews and articles in Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, Communications in Algebra, Advances in Mathematics, Compositio Mathematica, Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, and American Journal of Mathematics.

Bruce Cooperstein: Elementary Linear Algebra',' An Introduction to Groups, Rings, and Fields

Bruce Cooperstein received his Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Michigan in 1975. He has been on the faculty of the University of California, Santa Cruz continuously since 1975, obtaining the rank of full professor in 1989. He has won two prestigious awards, a W.K.Kellogg National Fellowship (1982-85) and a Pew National Scholarship for Carnegie Scholars (1999-2000). Bruce’s research areas include finite groups, groups of Lie Type, Lie geometries, incidence and Galois geometry. He is author of one of the first on-line course portfolios, Learning to Think Mathematically and is the author of over 50 papers that have appeared in referred journals and proceedings of conferences. Bruce was a visiting Fellow of the Carnegie Foundation in Spring, 2007, and has also been involved in mathematics teacher professional development and mathematics education for over two decades.

David Craft: Some of Infinity

Biography and book coming soon.



Meghan De Witt: Worldwide Trigonometry

Meghan DeWitt received her Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 2011 for research on the inverse Galois problem over function fields. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at St. Thomas Aquinas College, having taught undergraduate mathematics at the University of Central Oklahoma and Brigham Young University.



Steve Kleiman: A Term of Commutative Algebra

Steve Kleiman received the S.B. from MIT in 1961, and the M.A. and Ph.D. from Harvard in 1962 and 65. Oscar Zariski was his doctoral advisor. He went to Columbia University as a Ritt instructor, joining their faculty from 1966-69. He subsequently joined the MIT mathematics faculty, professor in 1976. Professor Kleiman concentrates on problems in algebraic geometry and commutative algebra. A recipient of the Sloan and Guggenheim fellowships, he received the Honorary Doctorate of Science from the University of Copenhagen in 1989, and was elected Foreign Member of the Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters, and of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters in 2002.

Kenneth Kuttler: Worldwide Pre-Calculus

Kenneth Kuttler has taught calculus and courses based on calculus for over thirty years. The first half of his career was spent at Michigan Tech. University, where he taught mainly calculus and differential equations to engineering students with an occasional course on vector analysis, linear algebra, advanced calculus or topology. He then went to BYU where he taught engineering math, advanced calculus, real analysis and linear algebra. Kuttler's main interest is in mathematical analysis, especially the mathematical questions encountered in the study of nonlinear problems from physics and engineering. He has also written several books, two graduate level analysis books and a calculus book. Recently, he has become interested in stochastic integration and stochastic evolution equations.

Gary Litvin: An Introductin to Programing in Python and Discrete Mathematics

Gary has worked in many areas of software development including artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, computer graphics, and neural networks. As founder of Skylight Software, Inc., he developed SKYLIGHTS/GX, one of the first GUI prototyping and development tools for C and C++ programmers. Gary led in the development of several state-of-the-art software products including interactive touch screen development tools, OCR and handwritten character recognition systems, and credit card fraud detection software.

Maria Litvin: An Introductin to Programing in Python and Discrete Mathematics

Maria has taught computer science and mathematics at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, since 1987. She is an AP Computer Science exam reader since 1996 and provides AP training for high school computer science teachers. Maria is a recipient of the 1999 Siemens Award for Advanced Placement for Mathematics, Science, and Technology for New England and of the 2003 RadioShack National Teacher Award. Prior to joining Phillips Academy, Maria taught computer science at Boston University.

David Massey: Worldwide Differential, Integral and Multivariable Calculus

David B. Massey received his Ph.D. in mathematics in 1986 for his results in the area of complex analytic singularities. He taught for two years at Duke as a graduate student, and then for two years, 1986-1988, as a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Notre Dame. In 1988, he was awarded a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, and went to conduct research on singularities at Northeastern University. In 1991, he assumed a regular faculty position in the Mathematics Department at Northeastern. He has remained at Northeastern University ever since, where he is now a Full Professor.

Robert McOwen: Worldwide Differential Equations with Linear Algebra

Robert McOwen received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from UC Berkeley in 1978. After a one-year AMS-NSF postdoctoral fellowship that he took at the Courant Institute at NYU, he joined the Math Department at Northeastern University in Boston. Since then, he has taught many courses in analysis and differential equations at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. In 1996 he published a graduate-level textbook in partial differential equations; the second edition was published in 2003 and is still in use by many mathematics departments around the world. In 1997 he wrote a series of computer labs to accompany an undergraduate course in ordinary differential equations, which were packaged by the Publisher with the textbook and used for many years by all sections of the course at Northeastern. He continues to teach graduate and undergraduate courses in analysis and differential equations, and conducts research into the theory of partial differential equations.

Scott Stevens: 'Introduction to Statistics: Think & Do', 'Matrices, Vectors, and 3D Math'

Scott Stevens is an Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at Champlain College. He spent the early part of his career teaching upper level and graduate courses in mathematics and statistics while researching nonlinear dynamics in the context of biological fluid dynamics. For the past 5 years he has been teaching statistics and other introductory math courses to non-math majors. Outside of teaching, he continues to do research involving the analysis of large data sets for intracranial pressure dynamics of traumatic brain injury patients at Fletcher Allen Hospital in Burlington, Vermont. StevensStats.com


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The Center of Math formed an exciting new partnership with Gradarius, the world’s first Stepwise Calculus Learning Platform™.  Gradarius provides students with engaging online learning experiences that teach and reinforce logical step-by-step problem solving methods. More >>

Bookshare® is an online library of digital books for people with print disabilities. It operates under an exception to U.S. copyright law which allows copyrighted digital books to be made available to people with qualifying disabilities. In addition, many publishers and authors have volunteered to provide Bookshare with access to their works. By requiring individuals to register as Members and provide a Proof of Disability, Bookshare ensures that only qualified individuals use the service..


WebAssign is the leading provider of powerful online instructional tools for faculty and students. In brief, instructors create assignments online within WebAssign and electronically transmit them to their class. Students enter their answers online, and WebAssign automatically grades the assignment and gives students instant feedback on their performance.


WeBWorK is an open-source online homework system for math and sciences courses. WeBWorK is supported by the MAA and the NSF and comes with a National Problem Library (NPL) of over 20,000 homework problems. Problems in the NPL target most lower division undergraduate math courses and some advanced courses. Supported courses include college algebra, discrete mathematics, probability and statistics, single and multivariable calculus, differential equations, linear algebra and complex analysis.


As part of YouTube’s partner program, the Worldwide Center of Mathematics can upload long-form content with no length or file size limit, and can present high-quality video inside a fully-branded channel, with additional design and interactivity options.


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Valore Books give students the option to buy or rent cheap textbooks from over 18,000 verified sellers and rental providers who compete to provide the absolute lowest prices. The average student saves about $500 per year when buying or renting all of their required books from our marketplace. ValoreBooks also lets you sell text books directly to us at the highest buy back prices online. ValoreBooks is and always will be dedicated to making your college experience better.


Red Shelf
Through the power of their software platform, the RedShelf goal is to create new efficiencies for digital content discovery, distribution, and consumption in the learning community. RedShelf aims to improve the online learning experience and accelerate the transition to digital in ways that support publishers, institutions, bookstores, faculty, and most importantly students.


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